Known Bugs (2.1.14)

Installation and Update Bugs

BUG: SimSmart will not update.
WORKAROUND:- SimSmart is designed to update automatically. If, however, you refuse an update, further updates may not be offered. Always accept an update when offered. If you are not getting the updates, uninstall and re-install SimSmart and accept the updates when offered. (How to uninstall SimSmart is shown on the FAQ page).

In-Use Bugs

BUG: SimSmart reports an error stating "Conversion from string "" to type 'Integer' is not valid" or something similar.
WORKAROUND:- Click the Reset button and try the calculation again. If this does not work, close the App and re-start SimSmart to try the calculation again.

BUG: SimSmart sometimes has an issue with non-QWERTY keyboards when entering the TOW. The period (.) can cause the app to crash.
WORKAROUND:- Instead of using a period (.) please use a comma (,) instead (eg TOW = 70,0) or omit the decimal place and round up to the nearest whole tonne (eg 70 rather than 70.0)

BUG: SimSmart provides V speeds that are too high for the takeoff runway at high altitude (+4500ft)
WORKAROUND:- For airports with an elevation of 4500ft or above, we'd recommend TOGA and flaps 2. Due to data limitations, SimSmart's calculations become less accurate at higher elevations. This will be addressed in a future update.

Database Bugs

None known at this time.

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