Change Log

V2.1.14 29th January 2024
Bug fixes for auto METAR.
Bug fixes where data is missing for airport runway.
Fixed bug where web registration message keeps appearing.

V2.1.13 23rd December 2023
Only change is a spelling correction in the web registration message pop-up.

V2.1.12 20th December 2023 Registration for web version is now via secure website

V2.1.11 20th December 2023
Allow registration for web version of SimSmart
Minimum take off weight in pounds is now 110300lbs, in line with 50000kg minimum.
Minus sign now shows when temperature is below zero.

V2.1.10 29th August 2023
Minimum take off weight is now 50000kg (50 tonnes)
Thrust reduction/acceleration, engine out altitude and engine out procedure are now shown after selecting the airport and runway.

V2.1.9 26th August 2023
Added option to set 800ft above runway elevation as the thrust reduction/noise abatement altitude.
Added message to advise the user when the configuration entered cannot be calculated by SimSmart.

V2.1.8 13th December 2022
Prevent app crashing when METAR data cannot be retrieved automatically.
Deal with incompatible automatic METAR data.

V2.1.7 14th September 2022
Additional security update.

V2.1.6 13th September 2022
Conversion of take of weight to integer issue addressed.
Removed bug reporting from app due to malicious activity to protect email and user data.
Removed constant registration request.

2.1.5 10th August 2022b>
Fixed issue where scattered clouds in METAR data was being read as the temperature.

V2.1.4 7th August 2022
Fixed issue that occurs with some users when registering after an update.

V2.1.3 6th August 2022
Fixed slope calculation, which was not correct for certain runways.

V2.1.2 30th July 2022
Fixed the issue where no calculation was performed for runways over 4000m in length.

V2.1.1 28th July 2021
More accurate V Speed calculations
Easier registration
Easier bug reporting

V2.0.0 Released
Massive speed increase in retrieving airport data and performing calculations.
Variable wind direction accounted for.
Slope indicator changed.
Better reliability when using lbs instead ok Kg.
Use of comma in take of weight as decimal point has been addressed.

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